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Flowtronix is totally self sufficient with adequate in-house human and machine resources to offer comprehensive engineering services to all types of industrial undertakings of any magnitude.

FT's Design Office is well equipped and well staffed having experienced design engineer and full time draftsmen with CAD facilities supplemented by a well stocked standards library, drawing and plotting equipment, copying and printing facilities.

Our Construction Team comprising of highly experienced engineers, supervisors and craftsmen having a long experience of teamwork and are fully competent to undertake construction and commissioning of most sophisticated and advanced electrical and control equipment and systems.

FT is self sufficient in Tools, Plant and Test Equipment required for installation, testing and commissioning of industrial and power electrical and control systems. For heavy lifts and rigging jobs, cranes up to a capacity of 110 tons are available within the group and can be utilized when required.

FT's Procurement section is fully geared up to assist its customers for sourcing of any materials from local and overseas markets. FT's association with its two sister companies, viz DDFC and EKL, enables it to also provide specialized assistance to its customers in jobs involving mechanical engineering interface.

FT's Plant Services and Maintenance Wing with its dedicated personnel and state of the art test equipments and tools is well positioned for carrying out routine and turnaround maintenance, testing and calibration services

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