Design Engineering Office

Our Design and Engineering Office is equipped with CAD facilities and has over 25 years of experience. The designers work closely with our proposal team to produce specifications, drawings, BOQs, cost estimates etc. At the project execution stage, the same department handles CAD production, project documentation, and supporting project construction team for timely execution of the work.

This office serves not only engineering projects but also works closely with the workshop to provide design and engineering support and plan production.


Construction & Planning


FT's construction and planning teams are comprised of experienced engineers, supervisors and technicians. They are responsible for planning, execution and handing over of the project while maintaining quality, safety and conformance to ISO 9001 standards. The construction team is also responsible for the training of fresh graduate and diploma holders, who later in life become our ambassadors within and outside the services industry. FT has a access to a large pool of skilled and semi-skilled manpower across the country for as and when required. Not only can this team undertake construction projects but is also well experienced in shutdown and maintenance activities.

Fabrication Workshop

Flowtronix has developed its existing in-house workshop, which initially dealt with in-house repairs and manufacturing of equipment, to a well equipped workshop which has been manufacturing cable trays (ladder and perforated type), distribution boards, MCCs and control panels. We have been designing, manufacturing, assembling and supplying power and control panels for almost ten years.

The workshop is equipped with the latest metal forming machines for producing metal enclosures to IP54 degree of protection to the strictest quality standards. Test certificates and documentation is provided for all manufactured items.


Tools & Plant


Flowtronix has continually built up its inventory of construction tools and plant and safety equipment. Some of these are listed below.

Welding & Gas Cutting Sets, Chain Blocks (1-3 Tons), Hydraulic Trolleys, Mobile Scaffolding, Scaffolding Pipes & Fittings, Conduit Bending & Threading Machines, Drill Machines, Grinders, Cable Jacks, Bearing Pullers, Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Air Blowers, Hot Air Guns, Single & Three phase Variable Transformers, Cable Crimping & Cutting Tools, Box & Combination Spanners, Circular Hole Cutting Saws , Tube Cutters, Tube Flaring Kits, Air Regulator Sets, Hydraulic Pumps, Hydraulic and Mechanical Sheet Punching Machines, Sheet Metal Shearing and Bending Machine, etc.

Test Equipment

Flowtronix has an impressive inventory of instrumentation and test equipment. All equipment is calibrated and inspected yearly or as required. Not only do we use this equipment for our own projects but also for rent out services if and when required.

Primary Injection Set, Secondary Injection Set, Contact Resistance Meter (Micro ohm), Polarity Tester, Circuit Breaker Time Analyzer, Power Meter, Electronic Calibrator, Insulation Testers (up to 10,000 Volts), Hi-Pot Tester, Earth Testers, Resistance Bridge, Phase Sequence Meter, Loop Impedance Meter, Digital & Analog Multi-Meters, Clamp-on Meters, M-Volt and M-Amp Source and Meter, Variable D.C. Power Supplies, Variable Transformes, Potentiometers For MV Measurement and Generation, Precision Test Pressure Gauges, Water Columns, Mercury Columns, Loop Calibrators, Thermocouple Calibrators, RTD Calibrators, Pneumatic Calibrators, Dead-Weight Testers, Resistors for Battery Charger, Test Bench's for Testing of Safety Valves, Siemens PG 740 (PLC Programmer), Power Quality Analyzers.