About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide innovative, quality, cost effective and safe solutions to all our stake holders by preserving worlds energy resources, infrastructure and environment.


Being a versatile Electrical, Instrumentation and Control Engineering Services firm, Flowtronix has the expertise to provide its customers with a wide variety of services conforming to high standards of quality and adhering to strict ISO 9001 documentation. Ranging from office based design, engineering and procurement to site based construction, testing and commissioning. In addition to this FT also provides electrical test equipment and manpower services as and when required. Below is a detailed list of our primary activities.

Design, engineering, procurement, construction testing, commissioning and maintenance of industrial power distribution systems and process instrumentation consisting of :

  • Transformers and H.T. Switchgear.
  • L.T. Switchgear, power and lighting distribution boards.
  • Motor control centres.
  • Relay logic control.
  • Programmable logic controls.
  • Power, control and signal cables.
  • Remote control centres push button stations.
  • Small power distribution.
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting.
  • Grounding, earthing and lightning protection.
  • Fire detection, alarm and other annunciation and protection systems.
  • Field mounted switches and sensors.
  • Back-up batteries, rectifiers and uninterrupted power supplies.
  • Generating sets and associated control equipment.
  • PLC, DCS and SCADA system.
  • Instrument panels, cabinets, console and relay racks.
  • Electronics and pneumatic instruments panel and field mounted items.
  • Tubing, air supplies system, impulse and signal systems.
  • Process analyzers, conductivity and pH meters.
  • Control valves, solenoid valves and pressure regulators.
  • Cathodic protection.

Preparation of following documents and drawings :

  • Equipment plot plans.
  • Indicative cable routing.
  • Cable and termination schedules.
  • Single line diagrams.
  • Control logic diagrams.
  • Instrument loop diagrams.
  • Schematic and inter-connection diagrams.
  • Lighting layouts.
  • Earthing and grounding system specifications and layout drawings.
  • Lightening protection systems specifications and drawings.
  • Specifications of switchgear, panel boards, motor control centres, distribution boards.
  • Specification and codes of practices for installation of electrical and control equipment.
  • Specifications for generator sets and motor drives.
  • Specifications & data sheets for PLC, DCS, SCADA, Control instruments, field instruments.
  • Installation details of field mounted items.
  • Preparation for inspection, testing, pre-commission and commissioning procedures.
  • Preparation of quality control procedures.
  • Material take-off, bills of quantities and bills of materials.
  • Cost estimates for procurement and installation of equipment and materials.



Flowtronix is totally self sufficient with adequate in-house human and machine resources to offer comprehensive engineering services to all types of industrial undertakings of any magnitude.

FT's Design Office is well equipped and well staffed having experienced design engineer and full time draftsmen with CAD facilities supplemented by a well stocked standards library, drawing and plotting equipment, copying and printing facilities.

Our Construction Team comprising of highly experienced engineers, supervisors and craftsmen having a long experience of teamwork and are fully competent to undertake construction and commissioning of most sophisticated and advanced electrical and control equipment and systems.

FT is self sufficient in Tools, Plant and Test Equipment required for installation, testing and commissioning of industrial and power electrical and control systems. For heavy lifts and rigging jobs, cranes up to a capacity of 110 tons are available within the group and can be utilized when required.

FT's Procurement section is fully geared up to assist its customers for sourcing of any materials from local and overseas markets. FT's association with its two sister companies, viz DDFC and EKL, enables it to also provide specialized assistance to its customers in jobs involving mechanical engineering interface.

FT's Plant Services and Maintenance Wing with its dedicated personnel and state of the art test equipments and tools is well positioned for carrying out routine and turnaround maintenance, testing and calibration services

Health, Safety and Environment

It is our policy at Flowtronix to afford even more importance to the health and safety of our employees, as we do to mainstream activities, such as production and quality whilst maintaining and improving the sustainable environment.

Our objective is to achieve for all persons employed within Flowtronix , a working environment which is accident and ill-health free through continued improvement.

We also recognize our responsibilities for the health and safety of others and the effects of our work on the environment, which/who may be affected by our business activities and we shall always conduct our business in a manner reflecting our social responsibilities and conscience.

The company, on it's part, shall meet it's statutory duties by :

  • Furnishing the resources needed to meet these objectives.
  • Promoting awareness of health and safety and of good practice through the effective communication of relevant information.
  • Recruiting and appointing personnel possessing the skills, abilities and technical qualifications commensurate with their role and level of responsibility.
  • Establishing and enforcing safe methods of work.
  • Ensuring that tasks given to employees are within their skills, knowledge and ability to perform.
  • Providing and maintaining safe plant and work equipment.
  • Ensuring that the technical competence of employees is maintained through the provision of refresher training as appropriate.

All employees, on their part, shall be encouraged and are expected to participate actively towards achieving an accident and ill-health free working environment.

This policy will be reviewed annually to assess its effectiveness and to ensure that it reflects changing needs and circumstances.


Quality Assurance


Flowtronix is committed to meet the needs of its customers consistently by providing quality services, timely, economically, safely and professionally.

We shall achieve this goal by developing and maintaining a quality management system, training our personnel, developing team work, determining our customer's and statutory requirements, integrating these requirements in our systems by preparing quality plans, reducing process lead time, and continual improvement in our processes.

Top management shall establish and periodically review our quality objectives at department levels, to meet the above mentioned goals and ensure that these are understood and implemented at all levels within the organization.


Flowtronix is manned by a qualified and highly experienced team of professionals who are capable of executing detailed design work and undertaking construction projects of any complexity and magnitude. This is well reflected in our list of complete projects which highlights our capabilities. Over the years, FT has built up a very strong team of site supervisors and craftsmen, who have worked together on various projects all over the country and have developed into a well-knit and co-ordinated site construction force.

All the personnel working for FT have been exposed to an industrial environment and are very familiar with the requirements of electrical systems in any modern day industry. They have the knowledge and experience of working to various international standards and codes of practices such as B.S., IEC and V.D.E. and are also aware of and adept in the special and general provisions of the Pakistan Electricity Rules.

FT's personnel are also experienced in working in hazardous areas encountered in Oil & Gas and Chemical Processing industries. They are fully aware of all special requirements and applicable standards required for working in hazardous locations.